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Finding Comfort in Furry Friends!

Meet Baymax and his amazing handler Nicole - who support our shepherding students through animal-assisted therapy. At Collier School, our Shepherding Program provides a safe space for students battling with school avoidance and anxiety. Their presence brings calmness and joy, supporting our students to feel more at ease in the school environment.


Exploring Stop Motion in Digital Photography

 Mr. Bush's Digital Photography class is a hub of creativity! From shattering ornaments to channeling their favorite characters, students explore a world of stop-action photography like never before. With the guidance of Mr. Bush and collaboration with their peers, they turn their wildest ideas into visual realities. Below is Collier HS student Jared in action!

A New Scale-y Student in Kateri!

 Welcome to Collier Ravioli! Ravioli is a bearded dragon our Kateri program students have been busy caring for! His presence has not only added excitement to their school day but also provides a unique avenue for our students to learn responsibility hands on as a group!

Let's Go Pacers!

The Pacers are in full swing this season! At Collier High, all students are welcome to join our basketball team, whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out. Led by our dedicated staff, practices and games fit right into the school day! Plus, we're thrilled to have our cheerleaders back on the sidelines.


The STAR Program at Collier School

Collier School holds monthly mental health forums led by Clinical Coordinators Melissa Hudson and Ashley Staggard. Last month, our staff learned about the emotional challenges some students may face and how to best address them. Collier School's STAR Program is centered around understanding the unique emotional needs of each student and how to best address them for the student to thrive.


What Does "Just Love" Mean to Collier?

At Collier Youth Services, we embody the quote: "Just Love." Every day, we embrace our youth wholeheartedly, regardless of their past, with the hope of instilling this short yet powerful message into their hearts and minds. Beyond our school's walls, we hope for our students to carry this message into their lives, spreading love and acceptance wherever they go, and especially to themselves. As we celebrate Valentine's Day, let us all remember to lead with love, embracing each other with open arms. Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Collier Youth Services!


Love Through Art at Collier

Mr. Hayden's talented art students created a beautiful mural to represent "Just Love" at Collier. Students also helped decorate the halls of Collier with love. The creativity and talent exuded by Collier students is truly incredible!

Empowering Future Cosmetologists


Congratulations to Collier High School student Karen for completing Milady's "Human Trafficking Awareness" training! This training is intended to prepare beauty professionals to safely recognize and provide resources to those affected by human trafficking. These training courses are free to our cosmetology students and a great resource for students to learn different aspects of the cosmetology industry! With her training and knowledge, Karen hopes to eventually be a part of Collier's Work Based Learning Program and work at a hair salon! Way to go Karen!